00 ml liquid capability / well in an automation suitable SLAS / ANSI footprint.

A complementing thermoplastic elastomer ‘cap mat’ provides easy friction sealing of this new plate for transportation, shipping and delivery and short-term storage. For longer periods, the new 2.00 ml plate could be heat sealed using Porvair Sciences aluminium or clear heat seals together with the company's Miniseal IITM thermal sealer to supply a range of peelable, pierceable and re-sealable storage options. Measuring just 45mm in height – Porvair 2.00ml 96-very well deep very well plates are appropriate for microplate stackers, washers and automatic equipment.Brandon Perthuis, director of business development at the BCM Medical Genetic Laboratories. Originally focused on micro-deletions and micro-duplications, our current styles have been continually improved in the last 10 years and so are now highly robust, having the ability to identify exon-level duplications and deletions, he said. Our exon array targets approximately 1,700 genes and includes probes used for SNP evaluation for the recognition of AOH and UPD [absence of heterozygosity and uniparental disomy]. Agilent manufactures a wide collection of microarrays for genome-wide measurement of gene expression and for comparative genomics hybridization, along with SureFISH, an extremely sensitive and specific product line for oligonucleotide fluorescent in situ hybridization.