000 clinical trials conducted every year.

Industry, government and academia to fill depend on the willingness of participation of millions of people the estimated 50,000 clinical trials conducted every year, to assess the safety and efficacy of experimental drugs and medical devices.

But neither federal guidelines nor institutional review boards generally require disclosure of the results to the conclusion of a study – even if the study stopped. Consequently, many research participants never learn the results of trials in which they are involved. – People who take part in clinical research often voluntarily put himself risks, both known and unknown, said neurologist Ray Dorsey, author of the report. Because of their participation on the results on the results of these studies, timely information and personal way. .. From 2014 Exchanges for individuals and small employers shop for help select, and enroll in high-quality, affordable private health insurance, which tailor their individual needs at competitive prices.Patient a few years ago a study cohort of LVNC, related. Prof. Ludwig Thierfelder and Dr. Sabine Klaassen mutations in three different genes that coding muscles structural proteins of. These proteins have of cardiac contraction of and for permitting the throughout the body through the body important. One gene in which by MDC researchers unidentified mutations is the gene MYH7. Mutation in this gene at cohort of LVNC patient cause sponge-like muscular tissue into the left heart chamber protrude so that impairing the contractile performance of the heart.

* mutations sarcomer genes MYH7 in Ebstein anomaly Alex V. Klaartje van Engelen, Judith van de Meerakker, MSc one Thahira Rahman, Susan provost, appointed Marieke JH Baars, Ulrike Bauer, Thomas Pickhardt, Silkeborg R. Università ¤ tsmedizin Berlin, Germany in the name of Heart Repair Line 1 , Framework Programme for, CONCOR and Competence Network for Congenital heart failu.e,