050 study participants experiencing advanced heart failing.

Yancy said. It is our hope that this treatment will allow patients with heart disease to enjoy an increased quality of life. Dr. Anne Taylor of the University of Minnesota was the study’s business lead author. Other experts from the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Washington, D.C., Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Heartbeats Lifestyle Xavier and Middle University; the Association of Dark Cardiologists and NitroMed, Inc. Also contributed..Visual improvement with the 940nm wavelength was greater than that accomplished with the 532nm wavelength. On photographic evaluation, the 940nm laser was more efficacious for much larger caliber vessels than 532nm significantly. Both wavelengths were effective for smaller caliber vessels equally. ‘The 940nm diode laser beam was found to have higher efficacy for deeper arteries based upon its excellent penetration of the dermis with a longer wavelength. Furthermore, the 940nm wavelength corresponds with a lesser absorption peak of oxyhemoglobin than that for 532 nm, resulting in slower and even more uniform heating system of the vessel,’ stated lead author Emily Tierney, MD, an associate professor of dermatology at BUSM.