1 in 3 make use of phones.

A new study exposed that about one in three pedestrians make use of their cell phones or textual content while crossing busy roads. Crashes involving vehicles and pedestrians injure 60,000 people and destroy 4000 every year in the U.S., the study authors said. CBS Evening Information Graphic Texting & Driving PSA WARNING GRAPHIC Articles: A video made for British high schools to demonstrate the hazards of texting while generating offers shocked many with graphic. ‘If the texting person in the car enters a crash, they know it’s their fault,’ business lead researcher Dr.The document estimates that at least $750 million is required to deal with existing and brand-new cases between today and 2015. Due to prolonged, obstructed labour without timely medical intervention, the problem affects as much as 3.5 million women in the world. The report Supporting Attempts to get rid of Obstetric Fistula states that considerable progress has been achieved in addressing obstetric fistula. It draws focus on the linkages between poverty, income inequalities, gender disparities, discrimination and poor education, as these factors donate to poor health in girls and ladies.