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AMA calls for fix to Medicare’s doctor payments Modern Healthcare: ‘With a sizable trim to Medicare physician payments taking effect in just seven days, the American Medical Association is seeking clarity from Congress in its course of action to stop the 21.2 percent reduction. Recent attempts to complete a sustainable growth-price fix in the homely home and Senate have failed. Another setback occurred weeks back when Senate Majority Head Harry Reid made a decision to strip a provision from the Senate jobs bill that would possess frozen current Medicare reimbursement prices for physicians until Oct. 1. Medicare’s SGR method provides been threatening cuts to physicians since 2003. This content is definitely republished with kind authorization from our close friends at The Kaiser Family members Foundation.16 in The Lancet. Our data support the decision to increase global knowing of the importance of harmful use of alcohol and the need to additional identify and focus on the modifiable determinants of harmful alcoholic beverages use, study writer Dr. Andrew Smyth, of the populace Health Study Institute at McMaster University in Ontario, said in a journal news launch. Previous studies on alcohol use were conducted in high-income countries primarily, the researchers pointed out. This time, the investigators analyzed the hyperlink between alcoholic beverages intake and wellness outcomes in 12 countries with different economic amounts. The high-income countries included Sweden and Canada. The higher middle-income countries included in the study were Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Poland, South Turkey and Africa.