2 Seattle doctors accused of Medicare fraud.

2 Seattle doctors accused of Medicare fraud; CNN offers advice for individuals on checking out their doctors Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Two Seattle-region doctors are accused of stealing millions from Medicare through fraudulent billing. In separate grand jury indictments filed in U.S http://genericcialishelp.com/faq . District Court, federal authorities contend both males followed identical schemes in establishing shell companies designed to defraud the Medicare system. Authorities say one of the doctors used stolen identities of actual Medicare recipients to document nearly 1,300 fake claims in half a year.

By 2020. Study writer Karen Hauer, an over-all University and internist California-San Francisco faculty member, said the study of 1 1,177 students at 11 U.S. Medical schools found that quality-of-life factors, such as for example income and function hours, influenced the students’ decisions never to practice general inner medicine. Hauer stated that medical students’ amount of debt didn’t seem to influence their selection of specialty . Based on the Association of American Medical Colleges, the average medical college graduate in 2007 had $140,000 in pupil debt, up by almost 8 percent from 2006 . A letter to the editor by Tag Ebell of the University of Georgia, which was released this month in JAMA also, ranks internal medicine among the lowest having to pay medical specialties .