3 easy habits for a long.

3 easy habits for a long, disease-free life Telomeres have been causing a significant stir among researchers lately — – and for good reason. The length of these defensive caps on the end of chromosomes regulate how quickly cells age group, and how prone we are to presenting a stroke or developing a cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity, vascular dementia, diabetes and osteoporosis over the counter . Essentially, the shorter your telomeres, the shorter your lifespan. Yet, we don’t have to be susceptible to our genetics. Check out the following tips that assist foster strong telomeres – – in addition to level of resistance to disease and aging.

Metropolitan regions will be able to obtain a regional award. Acceptance will be announced in early March, 2015. This project will build on the achievement of the originalSTEMI ACCELERATOR task, which demonstrated that collaboration between paramedics and hospitals in dealing with heart attack patients led to shorter emergency department wait times that ultimately reduced death rates. The new project will include care coordination after and during hospital discharge to help improve patient compliance with follow-up care and attention and medicine adherence. We are very excited to expand the reach of effective systems of treatment that have been proven to save lives in sufferers with STEMI, said Elliott Antman, American Center Association president, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical College and a senior doctor in the Cardiovascular Division of the Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston.