500 birds at the weekend.

22,000 birds seized as Ukraine fears spread of bird flu Government ministers in the Ukraine are worried that Avian flu which includes been killing birds in the Crimean peninsula could pass on to other areas of the country. The parliament there has backed special steps to control the disease but Crisis Minister Viktor Baloga says the danger still exists for other regions Tratamiento para ed . Circumstances of emergency was imposed by President Viktor Yushchenko in five villages in Crimea following a death of 2,500 birds at the weekend.

Infants, older people and pregnant women are at risk especially. The FDA says since sushi can be uncooked, it’s not regarded as safe as prepared seafood.. 20-state salmonella outbreak tied to sushi: Details Yellowfin tuna has been flagged as the culprit connected with a 20-state salmonella outbreak that has sickened 116 people, the U.S. Drug and Meals Administration said. Salmonella spreading quickly across 19 states: Spicy tuna rolls to blame? PICTURES: 10 Methods to Catch Salmonella The company announced Moon Marine USA Corporation of Cupertino, Calif., will recall almost 59 voluntarily,000 pounds of a frozen yellowfin tuna product known as Nakaochi Scrape AA or AAA. The product is certainly tuna backmeat scraped from the bones to appear to be a ground product, and is not sold to customers in stores directly.