60 Plus Association telephone calls upon Sen.

60 Plus Association telephone calls upon Sen. Lieberman never to support any costs which cuts Medicare New :30 Second TV Ad Begins Airing Today Today, the 60 In addition Association released a new TV ad targeting Senator Joe Lieberman . The advertisement features associates of our Greatest Generation begging Sen. Lieberman never to cut Medicare to pay for health care reform. The :30 second TV ad will run together with a :60 second ad that began airing on Wednesday. Start to see the ad at or the Connecticut :30 second version in> ‘Seniors have already lost their social protection COLA, senator Lieberman wants to trim their Medicare now, too? It may be Halloween, but let’s end Fright Night time. Senator Lieberman should endure Senator Harry Reid and tell him ‘I won’t support any costs which cuts Medicare,” stated Jim Martin, President of 60 Plus.Titled THE BOND Between Art, Healing & Public Health: A Review of Current Literature, the article demonstrated that although there is proof that art-based interventions are effective in reducing adverse physiological and mental outcomes, the extent to which these interventions enhance health status is unknown largely. Furthermore to reviewing the existing and potential study in this area, the AHR panel also talked about creating programmatic models for engagement of multiple populations that could offer immediate public benefit and serve as evaluation sites.