7 million for 1st half year of 2011 Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics.

Other Business Activities The Supervisory Board, Management Board and other people of the management team have demonstrated their confidence in the leads for AMT’s success by firmly taking a significant, july – 31 December 2011 fixed proportion of their remuneration in new AMT shares for the time from 1, and by making immediate investments in AMT shares.4 million.6 million in the corresponding period to 30 June 2010. This increase reflects the business’s success in securing extra non-dilutive funding towards the expenses of its programs. Advancement of our other advancement projects has been decreased as we are constrained by our current resources and are concentrating on the effective completion of the Glybera sign up process.1 million in the same amount of 2010.8 million in the same amount of 2010.0) million in the same period this year 2010.at December 31 9 million, 2010.9 million for the period ended June 30, 2010).The meeting, ‘Physiology of Cardiovascular Disease: Gender Disparities,’ has been kept at the University of Mississippi INFIRMARY , 2500 North State Road in Jackson, MS, October 12-14. The meeting coincides with the grand starting of the Women’s Health Research Middle which is located on the campus of UMMC. Additionally, highlights of chosen presentations from the conference will be submitted on Facebook and Twitter. Organizing this meeting is normally Jane F Reckelhoff, Ph.D., Billy S. Guyton Distinguished Professor of Physiology and Biophysics at UMMC and director of the Women’s Health Study Center.