9-% of these with slight mental illness were alcohol dependent.

Alcohol dependency increases while severity of mental disease increases: SAMHSA report A new report implies that alcohol dependence is four times more likely to occur among adults with mental illness than among adults with no mental illness .9-% of these with slight mental illness were alcohol dependent, 10-% of those with moderate mental illness and 13.2 % of those with serious mental illness were alcohol dependent ed treatment . An interview with Professor Kevin FoxCellular mechanisms of alcoholic beverages dependence: an interview with Dr Sanna, TSRI’Mental and substance make use of disorders often go together.

The Gottesman Institute for Stem Regenerative and Cell Medicine Study is supported by external sources, like the NIH and the New York Condition Stem Cell Research Plan, as well as by a significant generous present from the Gottesman family. Currently, Einstein includes a faculty bottom of almost two dozen NIH-funded stem cell investigators tackling some of the world’s most challenging diseases – including liver failure, cancer and heart disease. Einstein is a leading recipient of stem cell funding from NY State since its 2008 initiative to commit $600 million within the next 10 years to progress stem cell research in the state .