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Connect to the treatment of Restless Legs Syndrome EvaluatedSynosia Therapeutics today announced the beginning of a proof-of-concept study the the efficacy and safety of nitisinone , a potent and selective inhibitor of hydroxyphenylpyruvate for the treatment of Restless Legs syndrome , a neurological disorder Klikk her for bestilling .

– The growth and popularity of cosmetic fillers will continue to increase as products continue to evolve and new players enter the market. In 2009. As our population is increasingly recognizing the dangers and health consequences of obesity, the number of patients that plastic surgery procedures for body contouring after dramatic weight abdominoplasty abdominoplasty, lower body lift, upper arm lift,) to rise in 2009. – Reloxin will get FDA approval and compete with Botox and other similar products may begin to enter pre-market studies.

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