According to a fresh meta-evaluation published online today in Hepatology.

To relieve the pressure caused by the excessive abdominal fluid, an operation called paracentesis uses a needle to drain the fluid from the abdominal cavity. However, the abrupt removal of huge amounts of fluid can worsen existing circulatory dysfunction, resulting in a reduction in effective volemia that adversely impact the kidney and various other organs. The meta-analysis, which included outcomes from 17 randomized scientific trials with 1,225 total patients, found that albumin reduced the chance of post-paracentesis circulatory dysfunction by 61 % compared with alternative treatments. The analysis also discovered that the risk of hyponatremia, a condition connected with worsening human brain function and death, was reduced 42 % with albumin administration in comparison to other treatments, further supporting the well-accepted clinical practice of infusing albumin as the initial choice in adjunctive treatment for sufferers requiring large-volume paracentesis..The AD9671 integrates a low-sound amplifier, adjustable gain amplifier, anti-aliasing filter, and a 14-bit A/D converter with the industry’s highest sample rate and SNR performance for enhanced ultrasound picture quality. The new octal receiver may be the latest addition to Analog Devices’ award winning ultrasound receiver portfolio and is designed for mid – to high-end portable and cart-structured ultrasound systems. Download data sheet and view product web page: Order samples: To learn more about ultrasound and medical imaging applications visit: ‘By introducing the initial octal ultrasound receiver with a multi-gigabit, serial data hyperlink, we are enabling ultrasound equipment designers to shrink the number of interconnects between their data FPGAs and converters,’ said Pat O’Doherty, vice president, Health care segment, Analog Devices.