According to a new research in the April 20 problem of Spine.

‘Both types of elevation adjustable chairs significantly decreased neck pain among the garment employees over a four-month period, but the curved chair pan provided more advantage than the flat seat pan chair,’ Rempel said. ‘These findings show that owners of sewing businesses should think about providing an adjustable elevation chair with a forwards sloped chair pan because of their employees as a way of reducing pain and loss of trained workers because of impaired health.’ To be able to evaluate the chair style in other industrial configurations, the research group happens to be looking for additional workplaces with hand-intensive manufacturing jobs to study.The proportion of ladies who reported at least one pelvic ground disorder elevated with age: 9.7 % of women aged 20 to 39 years, 26.5 % of women aged 40 to 59 years, 36.8 % of women aged 60 to 79 years, and 49.7 % of women 80 or older. Underweight and normal weight women were less likely to get a pelvic ground disorder than were overweight women and obese women . The prevalence of pelvic floor disorders also varied with the number of times a female had given birth: 12.8 % for women who had never given birth, 18.4 % of women who had one child, 24.6 % of women who had two children, and 32.4 % for women who had three or more children.