According to a recent study in PLoS Medicine by Dr.

Adherence guidance during HIV treatment improves patient outcomes Intensive adherence counseling around the time of HIV treatment initiation significantly reduces poor adherence and virologic treatment failure in sub-Saharan Africa, according to a recent study in PLoS Medicine by Dr. Michael Chung, assistant professor of Global Health at University of Washington, who functions at the Coptic Hope Center for Infectious Illnesses in Nairobi, Kenya . The study published March 1 also found that using no effect is had by an alarm device on adherence counseling.

Probably the most common barriers to effective pain management stated by respondents was knowledge, skills, and experience relating to pain evaluation, with nurses commenting on the concerns about harming patients by giving an excessive amount of treatment. Judging patients’ reports about the amount of pain they are suffering from and conflicts between family members about how sedated they want their relative to be emerged as barriers to effective pain management, record the authors. Concern with addiction emerged as a reason for withholding pain medicine, and Duke and Jablonski claim that healthcare providers possess a duty to handle any myths and misperceptions generated by the mass media and conservative interest groups.