According to a study by Karen Marder.

The highest body mass index was linked to the lowest adherence to MedDi. Thirty-one individuals phenoconverted. In a model adjusted for age group, CAG repeat size, and caloric intake, MeDi was not associated with phenoconversion. When specific components of MeDi had been analyzed, higher dairy usage and higher calorie consumption were associated with threat of phenoconversion, according to the scholarly study results. Our results claim that studies of diet and energy expenditure in premanifest HD might provide data for both nonpharmacological interventions and pharmacological interventions to modify specific components of diet that may delay the starting point of HD, the study concludes..The decrease in the CALR and MPL mutant allele burdens provides support for the hypothesis that imetelstat can reduce the several malignant clones seen in myeloproliferative neoplasms.25,26 Megakaryocyte CFU assays that were used to even more directly measure inhibition of proliferation showed more than 90 percent inhibition of baseline proliferation activity within 1 month after the initiation of treatment in four of the five patients tested. These data suggest that imetelstat may possess a selective inhibitory effect on the growth of the neoplastic clone or clones that drive essential thrombocythemia. Although all of the patients had hematologic responses, there were subsequent fluctuations above normal platelet levels in every patients.