According to to a new study by researchers at the Slone Epidemiology Center at Boston University.

Approximately Linked to Diabetes and high blood pressure in African – American WomenThe incidence of type 2 diabetes and hypertension increases with cumulative levels of exposure to nitrogen oxides, according to to a new study by researchers at the Slone Epidemiology Center at Boston University. The study, which appears online in the journal Circulation , was led by Patricia Coogan, associate professor of epidemiology at Boston University School of Public Health and the SEC.

Funding for this study the the National Cancer Institute are available.. According to the researchers, two previous follow-up studies have suggested that traffic-related air pollution increases the incidence of diabetes, but no African-Americans were included. An association between air pollution and the risk of diabetes and hypertension is of particular importance to African American women, because the incidence of both conditions is almost twice as high as in African American women in white women and African-Americans in higher polluted areas live as white Americans, said Patricia Coogan, added.tudy’s lead author. Moreover, even a modest effect of air pollutants on the risks of hypertension and diabetes significant impact on public health because of the high incidence of these conditions and the prevalence of exposure to air pollution, she added.Type II diabetes AB: launch – up Of Obesity Treatment FinlandIn association with Eira Hospital in Helsinki, Global Health Partner did is started obesity treatment operations and said first bariatric surgery procedure is now made. Finland has the highest prevalence of obesity in the Nordic region. However, the number of bariatric surgery procedures is previously very low. We see Finland as a a very exciting market with huge potential and are looking forward to do so in cooperation with renowned Eira clinic, says Per B.? Global Health Partner ‘s CEO.

Obesity comes with several of co-morbidities like type II diabetes, high blood pressure and infertility. Both lot of weight gain and the patients comorbidity cause pain and high health expenses and. Studies have shown that which only successful treatment for obesity surgery be. And 12.500 Obesity prevalence Finland, is estimated that number of operations just over 400 in 2008 and slightly more than 700 in the year 2009 been. The number of operations Sweden greater than 3,000 per year.. The researchers analyzed data by the annual U.S.