Acne THE WAY THE Acne Scars Are Treated?

Skin surgery – Skin may need to be surgically corrected with grafting or other procedures to remove some scars. Microdermabrasion – In this procedure very tiny aluminum oxide crystals are exceeded through a vacuum tube to scrape the surface of the skin. This procedure may have to be repeated many times, an d gives a fresh look to your skin by scraping .Extremely mild scarring could be treated with microdermabrasion. For people who have the tendency to form keloids, no surgical method can be used. If one can develop keloid with pimples injury, more keloids will be formed by further medical procedures. Steroid injections may be used to treat keloids. In some cases topical retinoic acid can be applied directly on the keloids.Hammond includes a interest for how digital pathology can transform diagnoses in developing countries. Later on he hopes to perform secondary consultations overseas.

A case of onycholysis Onycholysis can be either primary or secondary. Trauma, psoriasis and dermatophyte infection will be the most common causes, with drug reactions, allergy symptoms, lichen planus and systemic diseases numbering among the less common causes. Treatment plans for onycholysis include avoidance of trauma and particular treatment, such as for example with antifungal corticosteroids or agents. The still left thumbnail was the first affected, and more nails had become involved gradually. The distal section of the affected nail plates had a yellow discolouration and these fingernails were not attached to the distal nail bed .