Advanced electric stimulation technology can fix damaged nerves.

Advanced electric stimulation technology can fix damaged nerves, restore neuron function without side effects virtually Patients experiencing nerve damage or paralysis may soon have the ability to better regain function, thanks to a new electrical stimulation technique developed by researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess INFIRMARY in Boston, Mass., and engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology . Research Daily reports that the new approach to functional electric stimulation reduces electrical output by 40 % and better protects surrounding nerves and cells from harm by focusing energy directly to the damaged site.By getting flu shots, healthcare workers decrease the risk they pose to these vulnerable sufferers. Employees of healthcare institutions have got an ethical and professional obligation to do something in the best interest of their patients’ health, Bernstein said. For the prevention and control of influenza, we must continue to put the health and safety of the individual first. In the 2013-14 flu season, 75 % of U.S. Healthcare employees received flu vaccinations, well below the Healthful People 2020 focus on of 90 %. Voluntary programs are much less effective than mandatory applications, which can achieve healthcare worker vaccination rates higher than 94 %, according to the AAP, which repeated its demand mandatory vaccination for wellness workers nationwide.