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Politico Pro: Reformers Be concerned W.H. Will Give Too Much Democrats who exceeded the most sweeping changes to the health care system in a generation, and the advocacy groups that backed them, state they are concerned that President Barack Obama could swing too much to the political right to clinch a offer that cuts shelling out for Medicare, Medicaid and Sociable Security . Politico Pro: Drug Market Could Face Cuts In Budget Deal The Obama administration offers stepped up the push to include cuts that would hit the pharmaceutical market as part of a budget deal this week, lobbying and advocacy resources say.Sommer, Ph.D., Jennifer A. Dumont, Ph.D., Karen Nugent, M.Sc., Gloria Vigliani, M.D., Aoife Brennan, M.B., B.Ch., Alvin Luk, Ph.D., and Glenn F. Pierce, M.D., Ph.D. For the B-LONG Investigators: Phase 3 Study of Recombinant Factor IX Fc Fusion Protein in Hemophilia B In patients with serious hemophilia B, recurrent bleeding leads to painful hemarthroses, disabling hemophilic arthropathy, and additional sequelae.1,2 Prophylactic replacement of coagulation element IX is connected with improved scientific outcomes3-7; however, the fairly short half-lives of currently available factor IX products necessitate frequent intravenous shots to keep up protective amounts .8,9 The frequency of injections is a considerable burden, cited by patients as an integral deterrent to undertaking prophylactic treatment.10 Various strategies to decrease this burden and improve the treatment of hemophilia B are under investigation,11,12 including the use of bioengineered coagulation factors, which might require less frequent injections,13-17 and gene-transfer therapy,18,19 a curative treatment option potentially.