African American women have a higher risk of lupus compared with white women in the USA.

African – American women have a higher risk of lupus compared with white women in the USA. It has been known that the MHC region on chromosome 6 genetic factors associated with several autoimmune disease, and recent studies several genetic variations in the MHC region contributes to risk of lupus associated reported. Previousse previous in European and Asian in European and Asian ancestry population.

They found four independent SNPs risk risk of lupus. Through the construction of a genetic score from these four SNPs, the researchers found that the risk of lupus increased by nearly 70 % for each additional high risk allele. One of the SNPs reported in this study a study a study of Chinese women, and the research was able to replicate some previous findings from a study in women of European ancestry.. ****** Webcast LIVEWhat: Nanotechnology Past, Present & Future: A Congressional PerspectiveWho: Sherwood Boehlert, Public Policy Scholar, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, and former Chairman, House Science Committee Robert F.Summary will appear the bottom. – ‘AIDS Basket on Wheels ‘: La Clinica – a in Milwaukee based clinics for Hispanics – are enhance its efforts in order spread of HIV in the community. The Department in cooperation with its sponsoring agency La Casa de Esperanza has a van to have these facilities order Hispanic communities in the to Waukesha County, Minnesota travel to meet HIV / AIDS education offering purchase by the end this year. Lee Wipfli, manager by La Clinica, wrote clinical staff trained Hispanics to be participate in high-risk sex, to HIV test result HIV testing and reconnaissance to get over the disease is.

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