After Jeopardy!

What you need is a system that understands you are not playing a quiz game in medication and there’s not just one answer you’re looking for, Siegel said. In playing ‘Jeopardy!’, there is one correct response. The challenge we have in medicine is we’ve multiple diagnoses and the information is sometimes true and sometimes incorrect and occasionally conflicting. The Watson team is required to make the changeover to an environment in which it arises with multiple hypotheses — it will be a really interesting problem for the team in order to do that. Siegel said it could likely be at least two years before Watson will be used on sufferers at his hospital. It will take that much time to teach the program to comprehend electronic medical records, feed it info from medical literature, and test whether what it’s discovered network marketing leads to accurate analyses of patient symptoms.The last author vouches for the accuracy of the info and for the fidelity of this report to the study protocol. Your choice to post the manuscript for publication was made by the executive committee and accepted by the sponsor. The study process was approved by nationwide regulatory authorities and also the local ethics committee at each research center. Patients Patients were eligible for enrollment if indeed they presented within 3 hours following the starting point of symptoms, had proof acute STEMI on the qualifying electrocardiogram , and may not undergo principal PCI within 1 hour after the first medical get in touch with.