Allergan enters into contract to acquire Oculeve Allergan plc.

The OD-01 program has been shown to provide a solid basic safety and efficacy profile, and if accepted, would offer an exciting fresh treatment option for patients that is complementary to your existing product offerings in this important treatment area. Allergan's expertise and position in eye care will maximize the advancement and potential commercialization of the OD-01 technology, said Michael Ackermann, CEO and President of Oculeve. I am extraordinarily appreciative and proud of the Oculeve team that has worked so hard to develop our fascinating technology, and I am thrilled for all of us to partner with the Allergan group on the continued advancement, potential availability and approval of OD-01 to patients worldwide.According to the CDC, about 5.4 million children in the U.S. Are diagnosed with ADHD. Rates of diagnosis have increased typically 5.5 % each year from 2003 to 2007. The CDC has more on ADHD.

APS will abide by President Obama’s research emphasis 2012 budget The American Physical Culture agrees with President Obama’s focus on science in his proposed Fiscal Year 2012 budget. His priorities keep the nation on a route of scientific advancement, technological innovation and economic development.