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38 Journalism groups criticize Obama’s censorship of the press in letter to White House In the current America, you shall be hard-pressed to find any kind of institutional media organization being critical of Left-wing politicians, and specifically, uber-liberal presidents. However in what many are phoning unprecedented, some 38 journalism organizations have lambasted President Obama’s inner circle for censoring press coverage, limiting access to top officials and overall politically-driven suppression of the news.Also brain injury, side effects of drugs such as for example ototoxic, aspirin, and certain types of antibiotics and tumor drugs also contribute to this problem. For medical diagnosis of tinnitus physicians obtain medical background of the individual, conduct a physical evaluation and take a series of tests. The treatment includes checking of ear wax, foreign hair or objects in the ear. For the treatment there are various methods. Some physicians, to get alleviate from sounds give their patient acoustic neural stimulus using earphones. This would help you in managing the tinnitus symptoms. This lasts several months before proceeding further. In later phases the acoustic neural stimulus is changed and desensitization happens. This stage lasts few months. This reduces the noises to a considerable extent.