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Scientists in this field have been hoping to treat this cancer with this new type of apoptosis pathway – targeted therapeutic drug, and this new information, a road to the future offer, said Chunhai Charlie Hao, a neuropathologist at Emory University.

The human glioblastoma samples and tumor – initiating cells or cancer stem cells, Hao and colleagues identified a possible new pathway for targeted therapies. Results of their work are Discovery Discovery, the newest journal of the American Association for Cancer Research.###Huss JM, Imahashi C, Dufourspitze CR, Weinsheimer Carl Johnson, Courtois M, Kovacs A, Giguere V., Murphy D, Kelly the DP. Which nuclear receptor other than ERR* require for the bioenergetic and functional adapt to cardiac pressure overcharge has. Cell Metabolism 2007 July; 6:25-37.

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