As the loss of life toll continues to go up after a 7.

Aid initiatives continue after earthquake in Indonesia Foreign emergency rescue groups are racing to attain earthquake devastated regions of Indonesia’s Sumatra island, as the loss of life toll continues to go up after a 7.6 magnitude-quake struck earlier this week, VOA News reviews. Medical teams, search dogs, backhoes and emergency items are trickling into Sumatra. The U.S. According to the New York Times, the chaotic scene in the Padang provides been compounded by brief supplies of food and water. Garuda Indonesia, the national carrier, said it planned to add flights to get crisis personnel to the area more quickly .A major study from the World Cancer Analysis Fund discovered that an estimated 39 percent of the 12 cancer cases could be prevented by enhancing the lifestyle choices. Previous studies have suggested that approximately 43 per cent of bowel cancer situations and 42 per cent of breast cancer cases in the UK could be avoided if people ate more healthily, did regular exercise, maintained the right weight and not cigarette smoking. Professor Martin Wiseman, task director of the statement, also stated: ‘On a global level every year, there are millions of cancer cases that could have been prevented and this is the reason why we need to act now prior to the situation gets a whole lot worse. If so, the trend is to take up a healthy lifestyle to lessen your likelihood of experiencing this life altering disease? Stick to these 10 simple guidelines for the prevention of cancer: 1.