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Health care spending Everything will be easier if we become a healthier country, said Huckabee (Associated Press, after Huckabee: We have no health care crisis in America, we have a health crisis (Hayworth, Sioux City Journal.. At the meeting, which McCain said AARP, McCain said: it is our responsibility , make it affordable and available and not set government mandates and big government programs, adding: If you want this system, I want to go ask you to Canada or England (Glover, Associated Press, McCain also addressed social programs he. Said: the dirty secret in America today that Medicare and Social Security are broke and they are not to be there for future generations of young Americans, and we owe them the responsibility for difficult decisions now (Des Moines Register, Kaiser Family Foundation against a national health care system.

‘And added, ‘You should think that would be the greatest we could do talk about what we could do other than national security be have to have to to talk about it ‘(Feldmann, Christian Science Monitor.. Former Sen. Fred Thompson (R-Tenn. Sept. : Thompson has established itself as the ‘most passionate candidate to claim the spending’and plans to announce a proposal for ‘reform in the coming weeks,’the Christian Science Monitor reported. Thompson has previously increase in fees for increase in fees for higher income Medicare beneficiaries to the problem.China is expected that to release updated forecasts of the incidence of HIV / AIDS cases in country soon be , Mao Qun’an, a spokesman Ministry of Ministry of Health said on Tuesday, Xinhuanet reviews (Xinhuanet, the Chinese government has unpublished estimate of the number of HIV / AIDS cases in country – is based and 2004 screenings of groups of high risk the virus – less than a year two thousand and three Approximate 840,000 people, Hao Yang, deputy director of disease control of Ministry of Health, the new estimate is based of modeling and be the product of cooperation among Chinese, world Health Organisation and UNAIDS. Bates Gill and, a researcher at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies and experts of China, in November 2005, said the government is would conceal the new estimates of the number of HIV-positive people in this country, that the figures lower than previously figures published and might undermine the credibility in the country (Kaiser Daily HIV / AIDS Report, J.