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The various international consortia combined forces and conducted a genome-wide linkage analysis studies. At the same copy number variations mapped, these are very small changes in the quantity of genetic material.

The new momentum of the Institute is expressed among others in the modernized logo.. Approximately 10 percent of autismWouter Staal, child – and adolescent psychiatrist at the Department of Psychiatry, said:Autism is a disorder that has a very high hereditary contribution of over 90 percent. Several linkage and association studies have been conducted without consistent replication of data.

To treat severe depression – it seemsHow useful is exercise for people with severe depression, anxiety, or chronic mental illness? After the December issue of the Harvard Mental Health Letter, hundreds of studies show that it can help, but there are qualifications.

The present director Jan M.OCD patients of obsessive compulsive disorder and brain pattern linkedCambridge researchers have discovered that persons with obsessive-compulsive disorder and their immediate family members typical pattern in their brain structure. It is the first time that scientists. Anatomic characteristic of with a familiar risk for the disease.

These new findings, report in the journal Brain could help to predict whether people have at increased risk for Shoulders and produce more accurate diagnosis of the disease.

OCD is a very common illness, 2-3 percent of 2-3 percent of the population. OCD patients suffering obsessive thoughts and compulsions security audits. These symptoms may be consuming life of the patient cause severe distress that, the capability and fear.