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AVA offers his first Ultrasound Certification Program, concluded at the conference Web site immediately after the conference. The program is offered free-of-charge to all members the conference. www.Zyprexa-Lawyer.com

Although the use of condoms and other methods of preventing pregnancy and the spread will have been regarded sexually transmitted infections the domain of men, the beauty salon initiative attempts to change the situation, J.OA News reports. To encourage a pilot project eight years ago, the use of condoms in part because a lack of information about the condoms and stigma associated with their use have failed, according to VOA News. Msukwa said the main purpose of the program reduce reduce the rate of new cases of HIV infection and unplanned pregnancies and increase the adoption of safer sex behavior through increased and consistent use of the female condom. She added that the success of the program has led so far to start PSI / Malawi, consider possibilities to targeting men over barbershops. By VOA News, fifteen PSI country programs distribute female condoms worldwide and more than seven million today have been sold.

This work was been supported by Laboratory Directed Research and Development and to the National Institute of Health.