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Between 1998 and 2006 analyzes, Joshua J. MD and his colleagues at the University of California, data from more than 1.6 million screening mammograms at locations in seven states to determine whether CAD provides accurate measurements of mammograms. The quality of the data by the Breast by the Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium, in which all participating institutions.

Losordo and his Northwestern Medicine team leads the field of stem cell therapy for cardiovascular disease and bring it to the forefront of medicine. The results of this study are encouraging and provide evidence for the stem cell treatment significantly to repair cardiac and vascular tissues, said Losordo. The study of stem cells to regenerate more, I think we are on the cusp of a rebirth in the practice of medicine. Using a patient’s own cells her body has enormous potential, the conditions that treat previously considered irreversible.Colon cancer less polyps when diet contain boiled green vegetables, dried fruit, legumes and whole grain A rice.

The protective efficacy these foodstuffs could in part to their cancer-fighting agents due reported the studies.

The researchers analyzed data of 2,818 patients into Adventist Health Study-1 attended and follow-up questionnaire answered 26 years later Adventist Health Study-2. Interview ask surveyed to specify how common on average, it consumes certain foodstuffs. That follow-up survey ask surveyed colonoscopy is colonoscopies displayed the physician had diagnosed colorectal polyp.

Company is also evaluating RH1, a selective chemotherapeutic agent, in a Phase 1 study of patients with advanced solid tumors. For more info, please visit the website at.. About Allos Therapeutics,Allos Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated in the developing and marketing small molecular therapeutics for treatment of cancer. The company has two product candidates in the late-stage clinical development of: EFAPROXYN , a radiation sensitizer currently being evaluated in a Phase 3 study for women with brain metastases from breast , and SEA , a novel, beside generation antifolate moment evaluation in Phase 2 study for patients with recurrent and refractory peripheral T lymphoma.