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Okuno, now 65, says he’s surprised by how many different scientists have managed to catch broadly neutralizing individual monoclonal antibodies that are so similar to C179. The trials and tribulations of the search for a common flu antibody should serve as a cautionary tale for the entire field of immunology, asserts Lanzavecchia. We now know there are uncommon antibodies that are neutralizing viruses that are very different and [that] were not thought to be cross-neutralizable. After influenza, there are other viruses as well: dengue, rabies, other respiratory viruses.. Bindu Marathe Recent headlines have promised a ‘common flu vaccine’ could be within reach, pointing to antibodies that offer broad protection in pet studies. **** Influenza may be the Woman Gaga of viruses: it reinvents itself every year, in unexpected ways often.The rate of relapse at 5 years was significantly higher among individuals aged at least 40 years than among those more youthful than 30 years aged and the ones aged 30 to 39 years, at 84 percent versus 34.4 percent and 48.4 percent, respectively. Also, based on baseline HBsAg levels, cumulative relapse prices at 4 years had been significantly higher for those with levels of at least 2000 IU/mL, at 62.8 percent weighed against 33.7 percent for all those with lower levels.