Bisphenol A is one of the most frequently -made chemicals produced annually in the world.

‘By invoking the precautionary principle has Health Canada both the power and the responsibility that human exposure restrict bisphenol A.; in the introduction of the measure bisphenol A a toxic chemical, Health Canada must now be followed by strict laws that protects the people of Canada from continued exposure ‘label is the author.. Bisphenol A is one of the most frequently -made chemicals produced annually in the world, with more than three million tons it is a component of polycarbonate plastic and is available in a variety of common found materials and food packaging because of its estrogenic properties and the effects of the chemical on the reproductive organs of animals, there are concerns bisphenol A may have similar negative effects on human beings.

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Columbia Laboratories today announced results from the Phase II study on vagina administered to lidocaine which the corporation is investigated for prevent and treat dysmenorrhea. Any treatment currently exist dysmenorrhoea. Dysmenorrhoea.

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About Columbia LaboratoriesColumbia Laboratories, is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing and marketing products for the Women of health and endocrinology markets concentrates to use to its innovative the bioadhesive drug delivery technological. Columbia markets in Crinone..