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In the UK are eager to learn if blood-sucking worms – Hookworms – might the immune system the immune system and can be used for effective treatment of asthma and hookworm asthma and other allergies possible by the impact on the immune system to treat other allergies. Researchers from the University of Nottingham say that these worms even therapeutic benefits for patients with type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis. The researchers explain that for over 30 years data has shown that people suffer seem to tropical tropical hookworms never have allergies -. It is perhaps not a coincidence that asthma is missing almost completely in areas when hookworm is found to grow, but where they are not.

Scientists believe hookworms compel its host’s immune system to be less active. People with overactive immune systems suffer from allergies such as asthma and Crohn’s disease, much more frequently than people whose immune system is not over – active. David Pritchard and team carrying out experiments to find out whether hookworms can in the treatment of autoimmune diseases useful. ‘The worm that turned parts ‘ – Nottingham University.The latest study carried carried out in 2003 showed that 36 percent of women reported interviewees that you problems with sleeping at least once a week did. The share of men was 27 percent. In 1997 the same numbers are Been 26 percent of women and 20 percent men. According to a new Finnish Institute of Occupational Health Study be at least 10 percent for a normal process manager labor in a condition of nodding off or dozing, when the job has particularly detailed or it is with a prefixed with a leading state of partial sleep deprivation.