Chikungunya is rarely fatal.

Chikungunya is rarely fatal. Symptoms appear between 4 and 7 days after the patient had been bitten by the infected mosquito. A high fever and headache, severe pain in the joints and The most important weeks. The most important preventive measure is the proliferation of the proliferation of mosquitoes by reducing their breeding sites.

Chikungunya, a viral disease, to humans by infected mosquitoes, Aedes aegypti typically transmitted, although other competent mosquito vectors can be. The name, chickungunya comes from the Swahili for stooped walk, which the physique of a man suffering from the disease. The disease has been reported in Africa, South-East Asia, southern India and Pakistan. It occurs mainly during the rainy season.AUTHOR CONTACTS:Alice Princeville, Columbia University, in New York City, New York City, E-mail:.View PDF this article visit:####JCI Table of Contents: July 20.

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