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About 454. 454 Life Sciences Corporation develops and commercializes novel instrumentation for high-throughput DNA sequencing Specific applications include whole-genome sequencing, RNA analysis and ultra-deep sequencing of target genes. The hallmarks of the 454 Sequencing System are its simple, unbiased sample preparation and massively parallel sequencing, the large scientific projects and making it affordable. 454 Sequencing and the Genome Sequencer 20 System won the Wall Street Journal Top Innovation Award in 2005 and received an R & D 100 Editor’s Choice Award as one of the technologically significant products in 2006. 454 Sequencing Center offers sequencing services directly to customers on a fee for service basis. Genome Sequencer systems distributed from Roche Applied Science 454 Life Sciences, a unit of Roche Applied Science, a division of Roche Diagnostics For more information, please visit.

STUDIES: Porn by Adult Romantic Relationships as Contexts for Human Development: A Multimethod compared Same-Sex pairs by Opposite – Sex Dating, Engaged, and Married dyad, Glenn I. Roisman, Eric Clausell, Ashley Holland, Keren Fortune, and Chryle Elieff, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign;. Developmental Psychology, text of items is of the APA Public Affairs agency and – ACADEMIC : Had triple year follow -Up of Same-Sex Couples Who civil partnerships Vermont, do not same-sex couples to civil Union, and heterosexual couples, Kimberly F. PhD and Theodore P. Beauchaine, University of Washington, Esther D. Rothblum, San Diego State University, Sondra E. Solomon, University of Vermont;. Developmental Psychology, 1 Full text of the article be available from of the APAs Public Affairs Office or.

In spite of the legal status of their links, that lives civil revealed showed not differ in one of the activities out relation to same-sex couples that were in committed relationships but do not in civil unions. ‘This may be because these Family in Vermont, a couple who from that the legal protection of of a civil partnership might its relationship longer for symbolic value of than for dedication reasons that must not have touched legalized in their day – to-day interactions, ‘said lead author Kimberly F.