Could Too Many Refined Carbs Make You Depressed?

So the researchers set out to look at the dynamic in reverse. The goal: to see whether eating refined carbs – – a known driver of high blood sugar – – actually raises depressive disorder risk among women without recent history of mental disease. The apparent answer: Yes. Gangwisch and his co-workers reported their results Aug. 5 in The American Journal of Clinical Nourishment. The investigators reviewed diet and mental health records collected at 40 clinical centers across 24 claims and the District of Columbia through the well-known Women’s Health Initiative study. None of the women had any history of substance abuse, depressive disorder or any other type of mental illness in the three years before their enrollment in the study. The result by the end of the analysis: The more refined sugars a woman ate, the higher her blood sugar and the greater her risk for a bout of depression.Cover up with the complementing Stripe It Rich Maxi Outfit and you’re prepared to spend the day with your friends. You are going to be spending considerable time in the sun this 4th of July and the best and most fashionable way to protect your face from the damaging light is by wearing an attractive beach hat! May we suggest the Marilyn Black Beach Hat? This hat manages to safeguard you from sunlight, give you an aura of match and mystery with any bikini. It’s versatile, of July sexy and perfect for this 4th. And when you plan on swimming in the sea, the best place to maintain your sexy brand-new hat is in our Nice Talker Snake Beach Handbag! Together with your sunscreen and towels, you shall be all set to spend your entire day relaxing at the beach! When the sun falls and you are trying to vamp up your sex charm the Lux Life Romper is the best way to go.