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Nedergaard, professor in the Department of Neurosurgery and a researcher at the center for aging and Developmental Biology, who led the study, ‘We are confident that one day, this will be very beneficial for patients,’.. While it is impossible to tell at this early stage what impact the findings will have on the treatment, the investigators treated at the University of Rochester Medical Center hope the results give doctors and pharmaceutical companies a new target in the efforts and to prevent that.

It is about 10 times as many astrocytes as neurons in the human brain. In the brain, part of a growing group of scientists who are focused on the central role that astrocytes play in several human diseases. ‘The primary function of astrocytes a healthy environment for a healthy environment for neurons,’says Nedergaard, whose study was funded by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. ‘The electrical signaling in the brain is so sophisticated that it is vital that the There is not much be perfect.The medicament represents the first of likely many the new anticancer therapies its kind, the authors say. Is the new hope of to patient it is also stresses new cost Subjects – to both the drugs themselves and its surrounding costs of the treatment. A timely and appropriate extending the patient access to those corresponding areas, such as in the diagnosis of suitability for medication. Recent correctness figures, for example, that only half of the women to for the the cancer gene specific through the new treatment. FMJ.

In Canada, the All headlines on Herceptin have equal access to costly drug, Ministry of Justice – indicates the current press reports on the use of Herceptin treatment of breast cancer an early stage that issues of equitable access for pricey must be fought however effective drugs, tells an editorial in to this week BMJ. Trastuzumab was in the U.S. For treatment of breast cancer, ‘quickly adopted as a standard the care,’but also one of the hindrances for the application elsewhere is the high cost, the authors say. In Canada, the treatment costs $ C 50, 000 per year per patient per, and despite its effectiveness has been not for support in Ontario to after an media clearance allowed..