From the patient transport to their arrival at the Mayo Clinic.

The trauma No. Of children,e cause of death of children, cancer and heart disease combined this reason we think it ‘s really, really important to set up a system to children who are injured treated, ‘says Christopher Moir, Mayo Clinic pediatric surgeon. ‘We at Mayo think it is important injured children injured children, treat them accordingly, and it right back to the business of a child, the game is going to school and their families. ‘.. ‘From the patient transport to their arrival at the Mayo Clinic, we have present a system to ensure the highest level of appropriate care for our trauma patients,’says Donald Jenkins, Mayo Clinic trauma surgeon. ‘Mayo Clinic has prepared over specialists, both adult and pediatric patients arriving here how to treat trauma patients. How the region only Level 1 trauma center and one of only a handful in the state, Mayo is a resource for the entire region is.

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