House Democrats have a vote to override the veto on Thursday planned.

Bush said: The on on a promise of fiscal responsibility, but so far it is like a teenager with a new credit card deal this year alone, the leadership in Congress has proposed to $ 22 billion more than my spending budget is now offering some of them say that there is not really much of a difference. The scary part is, they seem to mean it According to the Washington Post as Bush urges full funding for the war, he action action on Tuesday is the first of a cascade of vetoes killing other spending bills to be to throw himself as a deficit hawk blocking a tax – – – spend Congress (Washington Post.. House and Senate Democrats probably not over the two-thirds majority of the support needed to the veto .

House Appropriations Committee Chair David Obey said: ‘the same president, ask us another $ 200,000 to the misguided war in Iraq spending. Now is pretending to bring the deficit by refusing to 6 billion 6 billion increase crucial domestic investments in education, health, medical research and protection of workers that make this country stronger ‘is to protect supply.

Observe Dr. Holmes not that further research is warranted :: What we need now is more research to better handle on how disruption of this gene affects the brain neural wiring and molecular signaling pathways to produce to produce the symptoms of schizophrenia. help This finding could eventually the scientists who developing new or improved treatments for this schizophrenia.The research team which contained Howard Hughes Medical of institutes David P. Corey , published their results on 13 January 2005. In Science Express which has a quick electronic publication of from selected Science of publications J. Zheng – Yi Chen, of the Massachusetts General Hospital and of Harvard Medical School, is the senior author of the article. It constructed with Corey at Harvard Medical School. Other co-authors are. From the University of Virginia School of Medicine, Tufts-New England Medical Center, and from Northwestern University.

So Zheng – Yi has found that the deletion of that gene can so divide into functioning hair cells further. You no longer be carried, which the growth checks exist front. Us us a valuable insight into which control mechanisms that could result in eventual clinical use in the regeneration losing hairy cell, said Corey.

Hairy cell within the cochlea detection of Ton vibrate in reaction to sound waves, the inner ear nervous impulses to to the the auditory area of the brain. Usually to the complement of with a complement by about 50,000 hairy cell.