In a scholarly research of baboons.

‘This analysis confirms that telomeres are important in aging,’ he said. ‘But we’ve just scratched the top. Now that we’ve come up with the tools and options for further TIF research, I am eager to observe if the same patterns play out in various other tissue.’ Brown post-doctoral study fellow Utz Herbig is the lead author of the article. Brown undergraduate Tag Ferreira rounds out the Brown research team. Laura Dee and Condel Carey from the Southwest Base for Biomedical Study also contributed.. Aging cells help to make old bodies Dark brown University biologists have uncovered intriguing evidence to support the theory that old cells help to make old bodies. In a scholarly research of baboons, scientists demonstrated that as these animals age, the number of aging cells in their skin significantly increases.Initiated in 2006, the RED-HF trial involved 2,278 anemic heart failure individuals at 453 sites in 33 countries. Patients were randomly provided either darbepoetin alfa or placebo. In the darbepoetin alfa group, 50.7 % of the patients experienced loss of life from any hospitalization or cause for worsening heart failure. In the placebo group, 49.5 % of the patients experienced similar clinical outcomes. The trial was funded by Amgen, the maker of darbepoetin alfa .