In addition to Cho.

In addition to Cho, Wu and Hendrix – Lucas, the research team includes Rork Kuick, Yali Zhai, Aytekin Akyol, Samir Hanash, David E. Misek and Eric R. And researcher at the Van Andel Research Institute in Grand Rapids and Kumamoto University in Japan. * Please contact Karen Melnyk at SRCD for author availability and contact information.

Evidence of ovarian cancer Deadly SecretsA new University of Michigan Medical School study sheds light on cell defects that lead to a common type of ovarian cancer and pushes a promising new mouse model that for preclinical for preclinical drug testing.Platelet – rich plasma is been identified as a novel biological treatment of of healing and athletic injuries. Studies demonstrate PRP stimulating cellular repair received via growth factor release and by winning reparative cells. More recently, however, scholars been begun studying potential PRP in repairing damaged cardiovascular tissue.

In this study of twenty-eight mice, researchers induced ischemia either permanent close the the left anterior descending artery or temporarily ligation for 45 minutes . Hearts were to with RevaTen PRP or saline. To assess cardiac function after treatment, magnetic resonance images by seven days according to the procedure to 21 days were taken. Tissue of all heart of on for histopathologic evaluation. Information The Sixth International Symposium on Cell Therapy for Cardiovascular Disease, click here.