Including 9 million children.

Although the overall racial differences in cancer mortality declines in 2005 the mortality rate for all cancers combined continued to 33 % higher in African American men and 16 % of African-American women than in white men and women, respectively.

African-Americans represent the inequalities in income, education and standard of living as well as barriers to accessing high-quality health care. And while it is discouraging that these differences still exist, we absolutely must meet them and continue to enact policies to address them suffering lives and alleviate suffering of cancer among African Americans. ‘.

About Health Plus of New YorkHealth plus, a not-for-profit, multi-cultural organization, is one of the fastest growing managed care organizations in New York City. Age of 19.tablished in 1984 with a commitment to provide coordinated quality health care and. Improving access to health care for uninsured and underserved families annual review of annual review of managed care plans, ranked the New York State Department of Health Health Plus as the top plan for quality in 2002 and 2003 Consumer ‘s Guide to Medicaid Managed Care in New York City.APTA is sponsoring organization to the adherence to raise awareness the distress of 46 million uninsured Americans, including 9 million children, that the effect on the country health care system with a to. Adherence coming at a critical juncture a final health care reform legislation be is currently under negotiation by Congress.

Physical therapist unite to assistance If the insured.

The American Physical Therapy Association forced inhabitants all over the country to elected officials elected officials and draw attention to attention to the issue nation throughout the insurance move not cover the insured persons week , 14-20 March.

‘Physiotherapists are aware about the impact that the absence of health insurance is on the needs of our patients,’said APTA president of R Scott Ward, ‘The welfare of our patients be our number one priority, and we are fortunate with of the tracking of awareness of the emergency of our fellow uninsured Americans and how to be part of the solution join. Effort In for online resources and more details how you that effort.