Information on the composition of foods is essential for an array of people.

‘Food composition described’ which is published in the September problem of the journal Diet Bulletin is intended to help those not used to the field to navigate the complexity surrounding data on our meals. Related StoriesNutrition research must modification to feed exploding globe population, say worldwide researchersNuSI launches groundbreaking medical study to halt non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in childrenNutrition vital for patients recovering from severe burnsSusan Church, an unbiased public wellness nutritionist with nearly twenty years experience in working with food composition data, who wrote the instruction said ‘Obtaining accurate data on our meals is increasingly important in lots of different fields.After the WashPost jumps during intercourse with Monsanto, it lies about campus rape now Outdated media icon The Washington Post has once more been caught lying to its readers, this time on the subject of an ‘epidemic’ of campus rape that’s not quite what the paper promises it to be. A recent series of front-page news items claiming that one in five woman college students is normally ‘sexually assaulted’ has been uncovered as a hoax, increasing the paper’s currently tarnished status for aligning itself with Monsanto and pro-GMO passions. The Weekly Standard first broke the news headlines on the Post’s abuse of its own journalistic integrity, revealing that the paper skewed a study it conducted to create it look like more college students are raped by additional college students than is actually the case.