Kings University London.

Another MND gene mutation in one year signifies rapid analysis progress A collaborative research study involving Professor Christopher Shaw of the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s University London , Dr Tom Kwiatkowski at Massachusetts General Hospital and Professor Robert H Dark brown at University of Massachusetts, has revealed that mutations in a gene called FUS cause familial Engine Neuron Disease . This is actually the second gene to end up being found out for ALS in just one year and is an important stage towards understanding disease mechanisms pde5 inhibitor . The study was published online in two back-to-back papers in the US Journal Science today . Professor Christopher Shaw, senior writer of the KCL paper, described: ‘The brand new gene, called FUS, is an extremely important clue as to what causes electric motor neurons to degenerate.

That’s the view of Victoria University genetic epidemiologist, Dr Rod Lea, who, with co-workers at Brisbane’s Griffith University, has uncovered a gene that is linked to the most unfortunate and debilitating type of headache, migraine with aura. About 12 % or 480,000 New Zealanders are estimated to have problems with migraine headaches with women much more likely to become affected by the condition than men. Of these affected, in regards to a quarter have problems with the most debilitating form of the disease, migraine with aura, which is characterised by neurological abnormalities such as blurred vision and uncommon sensations flashing across the head. This is often followed by nausea, vomiting and a concern with sound and light, and, of course, headaches.