Laparoscopic approaches.

Nephrectomy: The MD Anderson Cancer Center – Cytoreductive nephrectomy has prior to administration of systemic therapy shown to provide a significant survival advantage in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma . The morbidity of these operations can be significant, where operative complications or rapid progression of the disease may prevent some patients about to receive systemic therapy. Primary tumors in these patients tend to be bulky, with venous extension and retroperitoneal adenopathy, but there remains a subset of patients who could without locally advanced phenotype that present accessible laparoscopic approaches. Here Matin and colleagues from the MD Anderson Cancer Center report on their experience with laparoscopic cytoreductive nephrectomy in selected patients with metastatic RCC..

Over a period of 4 years 176 cytoreductive nephrectomy ,, 38 of which were approached laparoscopically. The median age was 62 and all patients had a performance status of 1 or less. Median operative time was 188 minutes and mean tumor size was 8 cm. The mean blood loss was 175 ml and median length of stay was 3.Christine Braithwaite, head of the test program, As of April 2008 ‘The promptly and carefully built on our attention of, the trust was shown that it is is able to high value to prevent infection and control, to is the patients reassuring and put it the public ‘the orderly decontamination and storage mattresses and gear is decisive for the assurance from infections patients.

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