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Looked for more than a decade, scientists have to use chlorotoxin, a small peptide isolated from scorpion venom, to target and treat cancer cells.Chlorotoxin binds to a surface protein overexpressed by many types of tumors, including brain tumors hair loss treatment . Previous research by Zhang’s group combined chlorotoxin with nanometer-sized particles of iron oxide , which fluoresce at that size, MMP-2, magnetic resonance and optical imaging.

More images showed that the cells with nanoparticles, and were not to extend chlorotoxin, while cells could stretch only nanoparticles or only chlorotoxin. This suggests that the nanoparticles plus chlorotoxin machine machine on the surface of of the cell, which can be deformed cells, a further step for a tumor cell, by the body slip required.

Atrium Medical is happy to announce that is the CE marking for the new generation cobalt-chromium stent system known Cinatra received. Cinatra is for treating ischemic artery occlusive disease suggested.

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