National Nurses United.

National Nurses United, which held a conference call with nurses to discuss the outbreak and medical center and staff preparedness lately, said it’s been fielding phone calls from RNs around the national country who have been voicing such concerns. The conference call occurred after one nurse, Nina Pham, 26, of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, contracted the disease while treating the first Ebola affected person diagnosed on U.S. Soil, Thomas Eric Duncan. Another nurse, Amber Pleasure Vinson, has since tested positive for the condition as well. According to a press release from the business, the NNU has called on all hospitals to enact ‘the highest standard of optimal protection,’ which include keeping HAZMAT suits on hand and bolstering hands-on schooling to safeguard nurses and healthcare personnel if they need to deal with sufferers who’ve Ebola.Aethon's products are manufactured, supported and sold from its headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA. The company grew 83 percent last year and is currently expanding sales and advertising into global markets. To learn more visit.

Alcohol-impaired drivers take into account higher emergency department costs The expenses of drinking and driving are too apparent, with alcohol involved with 41 % of most motor vehicle crash fatalities in 2006. As well as the morbidity and mortality connected with drinking and driving, the economic influence of alcohol impaired driving is considerable, estimated at $51 billion, with medical costs accounting for 15 % of this figure. Now a new study from the Injury Prevention Center at Rhode Island Medical center has found that actually minimally injured alcohol-impaired drivers take into account higher emergency section costs than additional drivers.