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The idea of deep psychological safetyBefore we are able to concentrate on others and before we can worry about social status, contribution or our objective in life, we have to feel safe emotionally. Emotional safety can be fundamental! Without it, the higher pursuits in existence are beyond us. For many people this issue of emotional protection isn’t that interesting, but lack of curiosity in this fundamental a huge mistake. Every major adverse emotion we knowledge indicates a absence perceived emotional safety.When you are feeling safe, you DON’T feel stressed, angry, jealous, depressed or anxious. All of these emotions, in a single way or another, derive from a perceived lack of emotional safety. When you feel fundamentally safe, you are relaxed fundamentally.Currents were recorded from oocytes by two-electrode voltage clamp. Membrane potential was managed using a GeneClamp 500 amplifier , digitised utilizing a NI USB-6211 and documented using WinWCP software program. Protocols used varied depending on the goal of the experiment . Activation time constants were established from the rising phase of currents for each test potential. 4a). Currents at the beginning of each test potential were plotted against voltage. Deactivation time constants were established from the decay of currents at each check potential.