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The researchers interviewed 3 nearly,000 parents of children ever diagnosed with ADHD and 115 parents of children diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome. About half the kids with ADHD have been diagnosed before age 7, and 31 % have been diagnosed before age 6. Among the children diagnosed before age 6, a parent or other relative was the first someone to become worried about the child’s attention or behavior in three of each four cases, the researchers found. Just over half the kids with ADHD received their diagnosis from a general pediatrician or doctor.‘The AAMC believes this survey reflects these ideals by recommending establishments develop systems to handle conflicts of interest with techniques that protect patients general and protect the integrity of specific relationships between physicians and their sufferers.’ Although many academic medical centers have conflicts of curiosity guidelines that govern research and corporate relationships, just a small amount of these institutions have adopted policies that define and address conflicts of curiosity in clinical care.