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Opening Plenary: Thursday, February 19.00 clockCornell University, David Dunning, look teachers how to encourage professors to ensure that their students have the tools to work effectively in the field of aging. He will show how the training can be sustained over time to evaporate, rather than as soon as students leave the classroom good canadian pharmacy online .

gerontologist which to Our own: Our own view, or is it treason, the pictures This session will focus on three central concepts of consciousness: images of aging and societal influences that influence the aging of America, individual aging and the temptation to betray us, and self – awareness of aging and the associated challenges. Aghe President Marilyn Gugliucci will for this presentation for this presentation by Barbara Conforti, CRNP , and Margaret Cruikshank, PhD. – GSA Presidential Session: Saturday, February 02.00 clock.

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